Posted by Windsor Valiants on Sep 18 2022 at 07:09AM PDT

The Valiants house league will deliver drills and skills to youth boys and girls aged 8-14 years old. 1 Hour weekly sessions will be run by adult staff that have been around the game for 40 years.

Stella Maris Catholic School will house the program on Wednesday nights, from 6:10-7:10pm for grades 3, 4, 5 and 7:20-8:20pm for grades 6, 7, 8.Beginning March 1st – April 26th (excluding March 15th) Girls and boys of all skill levels are welcome.
“Play hard, play smart, have fun” is a motto we stand by as we begin teaching the FUNdamentals leading the youth through 8 weeks of instruction culminating with real game experience.

For $150 each child will receive their own ball as well as Windsor Valiants T-shirt plus 8 weeks of instruction that will elevate their knowledge and proficiency of the game.

Print the form from the link below, and scan completed form to
Payment can be made on March 1st. by cash or e-transfer.

Space is limited, if warranted we will be adding a Friday night session.

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